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The 6 Best Golf Club Fitting Companies and How To Choose One

Jul 21
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Buyer’s remorse — it’s a feeling that can drain you psychologically and emotionally. And while buyer’s remorse reaches its apex during a purchase such as a home or a car, it’s just as overwhelming when you choose the wrong golf club.

It’s not just the sizable cost associated with a new club; it’s the frustration you feel every time you swing it on the golf course.

But regretful linksmen have gotten wise to the issue of selecting a lackluster club: golf club fitting.

Regardless of whether you need a putter fitting, iron fitting, or driver fitting, golf club fitters provide you with expert insight to select the perfect custom club for your playing style and tastes.

If you want to shed the regret and play at your top level, find out more about golf club fittings and the best golf club fitting companies in your area.

What Is a Golf Club Fitting?

A man hitting a golf ball into a golf simulator screen

A golf club fitting is a process that determines the ideal club for a golfer’s swing and abilities. It’s not a replacement for fundamentals, but rather, a system for club selection that optimizes and improves overall consistency, ball flight, and squaring the clubhead or clubface to the golf ball — all while considering the weight, feel, length, loft, face angle, and materials of the club.

Your clubs should complement your swing, not force adjustments based on the club you use. And that’s the core of a golf club fitting. It’s not a fix-all; it’s a method to play your best golf with quality golf equipment after you have the basics down pat.

The Golf Club Fitting Process

Golf club fitting is a straightforward process, so don’t get nervous if it’s your first go-around. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, so come in with honesty about your game, swing normally, and be open to suggestions from your fitter.

The golf club fitting process usually consists of:

  1. Bringing your golf bag and warming up
  2. Hitting shots into a screen
  3. Testing out different clubs suggested by the golf fitter
  4. Examining the results of your current clubs vs. the suggested clubs

In general, golf club fittings last between one and four hours depending on how many clubs and the types of clubs you want to fit. A driver or iron may take an hour while a fitting for a mallet or blade putter may take about two hours.

Fittings vs. Recommendations

If money is a bit tight, you can still get a better idea of what clubs you need with online recommendations. Many retailers and golf club manufacturers offer online questionnaires that help you determine the right club for your needs and skill levels. But it’s a far cry from the customized and personalized approach that a golf fitting offers.

Bottom line: If you can afford a golf club fitting and you have some extra cheddar, schedule a fitting. Otherwise, you might be spending more on a club than necessary.

What Makes the Best Golf Club Fitting Companies

No official governing body provides golf fitting certifications, so finding the best golf club fitting company can feel overwhelming and cumbersome. Reviews and suggestions from friends and fellow golfers can help, but you should still look for these aspects to come to the ideal choice:

  • Full focus on improvement: A driver that hits 20 yards further than your current driver is nice, but if you’re still missing the fairway, it’s a lost cause. A fitter should focus on your goals and what they can do to make you more consistent.
  • Familiarity with club materials: From high-quality Fujikura iron shafts to titanium golf heads, fitters should know the benefits and drawbacks of each type of material.
  • Launch monitor expertise: A launch monitor measures what happens to the golf ball when you hit it with your club. A proper golf fitter should know how this device works and what parameters it uses to analyze your swing.
  • Communication and honesty: You should never feel pressured to buy the latest, most expensive club. If the fitter pushes a pricey Mizuno, TaylorMade, or Cobra and you’re a beginner, they’re probably not the right fit for you. Keep in mind that golf club manufacturers create clubs that adhere to USGA rules and don’t change all that much from year to year. For example, a Ping G410 and G430 have a $500 price difference, but will probably hit and feel much the same.

In the end, the best golf club fitting companies are the ones you trust, not the ones that push an agenda or use heavy-handed sales tactics.

The 6 Best Golf Club Fitting Companies

A wedge next to a golf ball on the fairway

Now that you know the characteristics of a great golf club fitter, you’re probably asking the all too common question: “Where are the best golf club fitting companies near me?” Fortunately, you’re spoiled for choice in most places around North America.

Local golf stores, golf specialty stores, national chains, or even the manufacturer. Ultimately, the business you choose will depend on your location, budget, and research. To get you started, here are a few places to consider that combine value and expertise — all while getting the perfect clubs in your bag.

1. Golf Galaxy

With 99 locations across the country, Golf Galaxy is one of the best golf club fitting companies no matter where you live. Although the store acts as a one-stop golf center mostly for apparel and clubs, it also offers a comprehensive golf club fitting. However, Golf Galaxy is a bit of a gamble. Like chain stores of any type, the quality varies from location to location. Look at reviews in your area to see what fellow golfing enthusiasts have to say about the expertise of the fitter and the equipment available.

An entire bag fitting sets you back $299.99, but it also includes a free golf ball fitting — allowing you to get the right ball for proper flight and spin. All in all, it’s a good value that might just help you break 90 on your next round.

2. Club Champion

Club Champion sets itself apart from the competition by creating customized golf club sets from the best brands available. Perhaps that’s why they’re highly regarded as the best golf club fitting company by many players.

The company offers eight different club fitting options that cost between $100 and $400 — taking approximately one to four hours.

If you want to get a more holistic and hands-on approach to your fitting, TXG is another option. Recently purchased by Club Champion and popularized on YouTube, TXG offers expert insight and more equipment options to find the perfect club. If you're near one of their locations, it's the preferred option over Club Champion.

3. True Spec Golf

Although True Spec Golf is a smaller business compared to the options above, their still one of the best golf club fitting companies in the U.S. and abroad. With stores strategically located in golfing hotspots such as Florida and Southern California, you can get a golf fitting and play famous holes all on the same day.

Fittings for a shaft or wedge start at $125 and increase to $475 for an entire bag. However, they have all types of clubs onsite so you can get fitted, select your clubs, and be on your way in just a few hours.

4. PGA Tour Superstore

The PGA Tour Superstore is the official store of the PGA and LPGA tour and is fully endorsed by championship-caliber golf professionals and tour players. Here you’ll have a massive choice of clubs following your fitting in all price ranges. And with 50 locations in 22 states, you’re probably closer to one than you think.

Amazingly, all golf club fittings at PGA Tour Superstores are 100% free — a bargain by any stretch of the imagination. You can also upgrade to their Studio golf fittings for between $300 and $350. Look out for seasonal discounts that lower this price to only $79.99.


If you’re looking for a company that specializes in club fittings and instruction, GOLFTEC is your best bet. According to the company, they have hundreds of thousands of fittings each year across their 240 worldwide locations.

The only downside to GOLFTEC is that it's a major chain, so you're at the individual mercy of the people working there. Some are excellent at what they do; others are new hires or trainees who don't have the expertise to do a quality fitting. On top of that, GOLFTEC has a limited inventory of clubs, somewhat diminishing your ability to locate the ideal club.

Iron, driver, and putter fittings last about 60 to 90 minutes and cost $150, while a full bag fitting is $300. They also offer discounted $125 club fittings throughout the year.

6. Your Local Golf Shop

If you enjoy supporting local businesses and commerce, your local golf shop is the best option. You may pay a little more than you would at a national chain, but that money stays in the community and supports golf enthusiasts just like you. They’re also more likely to avoid upselling and give you the individualized attention you may not get with a national or regional chain. Just make sure that the shop has a trained golf fitter before you plop down money on a new Callaway or Titleist.

A surefire way to find the best golf club fitting companies in your area is to ask around at your local course or country club and read reviews online. Golf Digest also releases an annual state-by-state list of golf club fitters that can point you in the right direction — especially if it’s your first-ever fitting — as well as the yearly 100 Best Clubfitters List.

How Much Does a Golf Club Fitting Cost?

Wedge next to a golf ball with $100 bill on it

Custom golf club fittings spread a wide range of prices. The price of a golf fitting revolves around where you go, the cost of living in your area, and how many clubs you’re fitted for. In general, you can expect to spend between $100 and $500 for a golf club fitting.

For a single type of club (putter, driver, wood, wedge), you will usually spend between $100 and $200. However, the best golf club fitting companies typically offer discounts if you fit clubs for your entire bag. If you haven’t had a golf fitting recently, fitting a full bag will yield the best results on the course. It’s money well spent, especially if your golf game has stagnated.

How Often Should I Get a Golf Club Fitting?

After a custom club fitting, you should feel more confident with every shot you take. However, your abilities, skill, and physical conditioning can change over time. As such, this may require a new club fitting.

In general, you can reasonably expect to get fitted for new golf clubs about every three to five years, but trust your instincts. If your game has steadily improved over this time frame, you may go as long as six or seven years. Contrarily, you may want to get fitted earlier if you don’t see an improvement in your golf handicap despite practice and effort.

Do I Really Need a Golf Club Fitting?

Not every golfer needs a golf club fitting. If you just like to get outside on occasion to play a par-3 course or take out some aggression on the driving range, you can skip the golf club fitting. The same goes for individuals who just want to get ready for a golf bachelor party.

Those golfers who play tournaments, make a vested effort in improving their game, or spend plenty of time on the course are excellent candidates for club fittings.

The Best Club Fitters for You

There’s no right or wrong answer for the best golf club fitting company. It’s simply the one that makes you feel comfortable, has experts onsite, and has earned your trust. Ask questions, trust your instincts, and you’re sure to find a golf club fitting company that improves your game.

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